• About Holly Speaks

    It is my passion to help individuals and couples who find themselves in a place of relationship distress. When I chose to become a social worker, I quickly recognized that I couldn’t change the WHOLE world but through my work as a couples therapist, I feel as if I can help make “my corner” of the world a little bit better. 

        I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and am licensed as an unregistered psychotherapist living in Montrose, Colorado. I primarily serve Montrose, Colorado, and the surrounding areas such as Olathe, Ridgway & Telluride, Colorado but with Telehealth I can serve all of the State of Colorado. I received my Masters in Social Work in 2015 from Metropolitan State University of Denver. I believe in using different therapy theories (such as Emotionally Focused Therapy, Relational Life Therapy, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, solution-focused, attachment theory, narrative therapy, and person-centered) and multiple modalities such as mindfulness to help you achieve healing on your journey.

        I have lived in Montrose since 2008 and I love living here. I moved to Montrose from Denver after a divorce and was a single mother for a time. I am now remarried with a blended family that includes step-grandchildren. I feel that these perspectives and experiences help add empathy as well as a “lived experience” to my clients’ experience with me. I have a wide range of experience in grief support, victim advocacy, medical social work, geriatric care, and rehabilitation care. 

        When working with you as fellow human beings and a couple, I will ask you to become vulnerable and share some of your deepest stories and emotions so we can process the issues that brought us to work together. In our new relationship, trust will develop on both sides. I hold a non-judgmental, compassionate view and approach to my clients and try to create that space for you in your session. I know that society, social media, religion, culture, family, and friends can place heavy judgments and expectations on your relationship. I work with and hear shame, guilt, embarrassment, and discomfort from every day, daily interactions, with clients of all ages. When I hear ANY emotion, I want to get curious about its roots for you and its origin story in your life. For example, shame tells us that we are flawed and are unworthy of love, belonging, and connection. Shame thrives on secrecy, silence, and judgment. If we examine the emotion of shame and SHOCK it with empathy, it will lessen and hopefully dissolve! RELATIONSHIPS and life are hard!

        I consider it my honor to help my clients on their healing journey. My fundamental belief is that the human spirit is amazing and reveals a resiliency to heal, grow, and to love.

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    My Values


    I use an Electronic Health Record system that is HIPAA compliant & has multiple levels of data encryption to make sure your data is safe as it is transmitted & stored. 


    I draw on multiple evidence-based resources and trainings to create a treatment plan for you & your unique situation. 


    My job is to walk with you on your journey & to listen without judgment to help you discover what are the next steps for you.


    Therapy is a place where you are accepted just as you are. 

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