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    I am here to help you repair your relationship wounds and reconnect so you can begin to move forward using  tools to help you feel more connected with your partner in your relationship…There is hope!

    “Marriage is a:

    thrill…and also boredom…

    Ease…but also a challenge…

    Predicability…but also a surprise….

    A marriage is an ever-changing thing because, housed within it, are two alive creatures who are forever imaging and reimagining themselves and each other…”

    – Dr. Alexandra H. Solomon

    Most couples call and reach out to a couples therapist because they feel disconnected, can no longer communicate effectively,  feel frustrated, and say they feel alone in their relationship. This can be a drastic change from the feelings of mutual attraction, incredible understanding, and intense closeness they felt early in their relationship. I hear some couples say they don’t even know their partner anymore and/or they have lost their identity over the years. Maybe you can relate and say you have experienced some of the following: 


    • Feeling alone & disconnected
    • Communication problems
    • Sex and intimacy issues (sex and intimacy are not the same things!)
    • Infidelity (emotional & physical)
    • Feeling trapped
    • Experiencing life transitions (newly married, career transitions, parenting transitions)
    • Trust issues
    • Needing assistance ending your relationship; (I use a process called  “Conscious Uncoupling”)


        Over the years it is normal for your relationship to get stuck in a similar pattern of misunderstandings and arguments that leaves you feeling like you are unable to resolve your differences; this is your “dance”. These feelings can negatively affect your relationship bond and leave you feeling confused, disappointed, and disheartened. 


        As a human being, you long for and need connection; we all want to be understood, cared for, heard, loved, and appreciated by our partners and loved ones. We all want to be special to someone! You entered your romantic relationship hoping to receive:  friendship, admiration,  respect, and love. But…sometimes we don’t always know how to give and receive the very things we need. 


        Life also happens while you are in your relationships: illness, parenthood, deaths, and infidelity. Relationships and individuals change over time; difficulties happen that make you forget the things that brought you together in the first place.

    About Holly L. Speaks

    It is my passion to help individuals and couples who find themselves in a place of life transitions and questioning their path in life. All of life’s transitions are change and it is life’s way of asking us to examine our present way of being and can force us willingly or unwillingly to grow as individuals. It is natural to resist most changes in life and to feel fear, uncertainty, to feel overwhelmed, to be disillusioned, to even feel angry EVEN when the life change is something we planned for. Some examples of life changes are: grief from loss of a loved one, a significant change in your relationship or your career; changes in your marital status such as marriage, divorce, or remarriage; the diagnosis of or living with a chronic illness & disease.