• Infidelity

    The crisis of infidelity is a turning point in the relationship of a couple. For some couples, infidelity is the end of their relationship. For some couples, the infidelity is swept under the rug and they remain together, unhealed. 

        The crisis of an affair can push a couple to examine their relationship and have conversations that they have been avoiding for years. These conversations are about their unmet needs, longings, frustrations, and loneliness that they wish they would have had sooner. 

        But for some couples, the crisis of infidelity is a turning point in their relationship story. The relationship you had, or thought you had ended, but you have an opportunity to build something from the rubble. Couples can create a “2.0” version of their relationship. 

        It is possible to hold the pain of the infidelity and the possibility of a new beginning. It is not shameful to not know the next steps while you consider your next steps. 

        I am privileged to work with couples who embark on this brave journey of creating a new version of their relationship after infidelity.